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Skills At Work

Skills at Work (SAW) is a social enterprise designed to give youth, aged 16 to 25 and a history within the justice system, a second chance and an opportunity to develop valuable skills through professional work and to build a decent, prosperous life for themselves and their family. To enable this effort, we have identified a market opportunity to offer paid cleaning and landscaping services to members of our community who live a busy life and want to give back and support youth in their neighborhoods

We provide cleaning and landscaping services to our neighbors and community members in the Peel Region. Our target audience consists of single family households, landlords, and small businesses owners, who have limited time, knowledge, or are not interested in doing chores such as cleaning, building furniture, packing and moving, shelving, or maintaining their outdoor space.

Our Vision
Give youth from all walks of life a fair chance to succeed in life and thrive in our community by building a reformative justice system.

Our Mission
We impact lives by providing a second chance to youth and creating opportunities for them to strengthen their sense of belonging by serving the neighbors and maintaining the beauty within our community.

Guiding Principles
Youth from ALL walks of life realize the tools they have within themselves to pursue their dreams. No matter a young person's situation or status they can always develop their understanding of life skills. We must prepare our youth for real world challenges, opportunities and set them up for success.

Skills for Life (SFL) founder, Chris Thompson, grew up watching many of his friends and family fall through the cracks of the education system and be pushed into the justice system. Growing up visiting some family and friends in prison, he was aware that it could have easily been him behind bars had it not been for mentors in his life who taught him skills and provided support to guide him towards a better future.


Do you have a background in the Trades, Youth social work, Education, and or with Youth in the Justice system? We are seeking experienced and passionate individuals to join SFL’s Advisory group to support the development of its newest Life Skills and Youth Support Program. Apply Today!

The school-to-prison pipeline is real, current, and disheartening; especially for Black, Indigenous and other marginalized groups. The most critical time in a person’s life that could dictate their future is their teen years. A record, getting kicked out of school, depression, and falling into the wrong crowds are all current elements that need to be addressed. In response to this situation, Skills For Life was founded in 2016 as a non-profit organization, engaging youth to keep them motivated and fill a gap between hard skills and soft life skills. The initiative saw great success especially with marginalized and ethnic youth. Early and continued success has inspired and demonstrated a need to reach more youth and build a sustainable program to create the necessary structures for mentorship and opportunities to acquire and apply skills. This is where the idea for Skills at Work (SAW) is born, providing youth with valuable professional and life skills, while at the same time engaging with their neighbors and community members to grow stronger sense of belonging and self-esteem through trusted relationships.