About Chris Thompson


Chris Thompson


Chris Thompson is a young professional that continues to work toward inspiring young people through public speaking and youth mentorship, with one mission:

To ensure that youth have the opportunity to strive for success and have the right tools to achieve it.

Growing up in the Peel Region Chris Thompson was fortunate to learn from a young age, that helping your fellow man is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Chris’ upbringing was not one of glamour and privilege but his parents did their best to ensure he understood what it meant to work hard, strive as a young black man, and overcome stigma and those who would try and hold him back.

From seeing several people in his close network fall into guns, gangs, and prison, Chris was determined to make a difference. After graduating high school and being accepted into the University of Toronto, Chris ventured off to the Mississauga campus where over a 5-year time span he found his true calling in community development and youth relations. Beginning with getting poor grades and not really understanding his passion or interests Chris muddled around in different directions before getting involved in the student movement. Chris was always told that to be successful you must get a good education and success would follow. But Chris’ journey revealed that one of the biggest things overlooked by young people is the journey between the classroom and finding success and your passion.

From running in an election and becoming the universities student president, representing over 14,000 students to senior administration and all three levels of government, to travelling across Canada as his companies youngest account manager, to planning large-scale events with over 5,000 attendees, Chris has quickly learned that Soft Skills such as: Networking, Inter-personal skills, Self -visualization, and Experiential learning are essential in discovering yourself and new opportunities.

With the belief that every young person has something to offer, Chris continues to work hard and give back with the hopes of inspiring other young people to reach their full potential.